About Facecoast

The cluster FACECOAST, (”Face the challenge of climate change in the med coastal zones”) started its activities in January 2012, and currently  includes more than 80 partners (see the partnership).

It aims to gather and capitalize the contributions of the European projects which dealt with the matter of the coastal defense against natural and anthropogenic risks (erosion, flooding, salt water intrusion, subsidence, etc.) in the frame of the adaptation policy to climate change (sea level rise, strengthening of extreme phenomena, etc.) and sustainable development.

 The target is to promote and achieve an exchanging space about the Mediterranean coastal defense against erosion and flooding hazards and consequent risks, taking into account of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management approach and of extra-Mediterranean  experiences too.

 The main cluster activities can be summarized as follows:

  • exchange different governance approaches to go beyond the territorial fragmentation;
  • exchange different approaches to involve policymakers;
  • develop synergies between different sectors and different policies (eco-innovation, transports, tourism, agriculture, urban growing, etc. ) for facing coastal adaptation to CC according to the ICZM principles;
  • raise awareness on natural/human coastal risks for the Mediterranean areas at European level;
  • design, on the grounds of the past and ongoing experiences, an organic and coherent set of initiatives  (preparatory, planning, structural and monitoring) able to influence and cope with the issue concerned in the Mediterranean area at a large scale (Macro-project)    

 Therefore the main issue (coastal defense) is open towards other interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral contributions (projects) as “link units” through which exchange with other interlaced issues as far as they are concerned.


This  principle allows to other clusters focused on different main issue (e.g. ports, tourism, rural areas, urban development, etc.) to enjoy the participation of some of the projects concerning “coastal defense” if this topic concerns them, improving  their  framework  with  integrated solutions.


 The joining is open not only to the MED programme projects but as well to the other cooperation programs (ENPI CBC, IPA-Adriatic , Cross Border MARITIME Italy-France, INTERREGIVB, etc.) or sectoral ones (FP7, LIFE+, etc.).


 The cluster FACECOAST actively attended the “Cluster and Capitalization Day”, organized by the MED programme in Marseille last 30th November, by presenting its objectives and its candidature for the next capitalization call.