After the approval of the “first activities” and the undertaken initiatives, the current FACECOAST program is as follows :

  1. Analysis of the respective calendars to find opportunities to meet;  the FACECOAST webmaster setup a service already published in home page with a calendar gathering the main initiatives of the cluster. The objective is to provide an interactive version that can be update and implemented by the participants themselves.
  2. Implementation of a facecoast web-site and internet facilities; the web site is open and currently managed by the Regione Lazio through MAREMED project. All the partners are asked to give their contribution (comments, pictures, information about other events, etc.).  A Mediterranean WEBGIS service has been implemented with some data layers like UNCLOS boundaries, EUROSION outputs ( Morphosedimentology and Evolutionary trend), Network of Mediterranean Observatories and (last entry) the assessment of the coastal risk to face CC at regional scale (University of Kiel elaboration in MAREMED project) compared to PESETA project  results (at national scale) made from JTC-IPCT Seville.  
  3. Planning  communication tools  (Newsletter, press release, links,  etc.); thanks to the material gathered, different communication initiatives were and are going to be disseminated. 
  4. Dissemination and discussion of the “Bologna Charter” among public administration partners  and hypotheses about its implementation ; after the signature of the “Bologna CHARTER 2012” in Brussels during the MAREMED conference (21st April 2013), the cluster will be profitably engaged in its further diffusion and in offering technical support  to descend  from this important  political document new initiatives  and practical actions.  
  5. COASTGAP project: the objective to give “legs” to  FACECOAST has been reached by the approval of COASTGAP project (13th March 2013 – MED SPACE programme) which represents a great success of the cluster. Although its limited budget (1.3 M€), the potentiality  of this project is pretty relevant and the foreseen issue MACRO-PROJECT BEACHMED-3 represents for the whole partnership and for the cluster its-self a great opportunity for the programming period 2014-2020. The next FACECOAST meetings will be systematically hosted by COASTGAP project.   

The above FACECOAST programme  is always under examination by the cluster participants and open to amendments/integrations .