Lazio Region approved the Bologna Charter. Rome 3 July 2013. By the regional determination No.171 of 3 July 2013, the Lazio Region approved the “Bologna Charter 2012” for the defense and the sustainable development of the Mediterranean coasts. The BC 2012 was individuallty endorsed by 14 different Euro-mediterranean countries, and after its launch in Brussels last 21 March 2013, it is worth underlining that even the Intermediterranean Commission - CPMR joined the Charter last 27 June 2013; the Commission also included the BC in the Final Declaration of Barcelona “Towards a new governance for a more sustainable, integrated and competitive Mediterranean". The BC 2012 aims to deal with the shared issues of coastal and maritime planning and management, climate change adaptation, and sustainable development of Mediterranean coastal territories by promoting high-profile policies (coastal territories and th sediments required to defend them seen as strategic resources) and concrete programming actions such as the Macro-Project Beachmed-3 (which intends to identify  a series of integrated activities to be financed during the European programming period 2014-2020). The deliberation of the Lazio Region gives an important contribution to a shared Mediterranean action framework with other European coastal regions, also extended to Southern and Eastern Mediterranean administrations. Throught the projects COASTGAP (MED Space) and MEDSANDCOAST  (ENPI-CBC) which are now being launched, an organic path is sketched, turning the BC 2012 into action and preparing the Macro-Project Beachmed-3 before 2014.


Welcome Project User UTake (GMES Programme - DG Enterprise)! 

June 2013 - Project User UTake joins the Facecoast Cluster!

“Lot 2 - Support to the Take-Up of GMES services by users”, is an 18 month project funded by DG Enterprise to encourage the uptake of GMES/Copernicus products throughout the European Union by developing a series of training test cases within coastal and marine thematic area. The project, is a 5 million funding to a EU partnerships leaded by LOGICA, UK: E-GEOS IT, Telespazio IT, TelespazioVEGA UK, GAFAG D, ISPRA IT, Italian National Civil Protection IT, INGV IT, FMI F. The GMES User Uptake Project Started on 1st January 2013 and will last until June 2014.

GMES/Copernicus services deliver information to a chain of re-processors and intermediate and end-users. The “Lot 2 - Support to the Take-Up of GMES services by users” project will promote through comprehensive and targeted awareness training events across Europe participation of both decision makers (What can GMES do for me ?) and technical staff (How can I benefit from GMES in my decision making processes?).

The Project through the subscription of a MoU to join FACECOAST cluster aims to exchange governance approaches and practices for facing coastal adaptation according to ICZM and MSSD principle and to share past and ongoing research and innovation experience in planning, monitoring and management of marine coastal zones.

The Marine sector is developing a Web Mapping Service (WMS) to deliver products generated to supply the mainstreaming of Copernicus Earth Observation value added products for coastal ecosystem analysis. The deliverables will include a series of maps based on existing MyOcean and GeoLand services integrated with Earth Observation and in-situ data with both biological and physical layers/indicators at different spatial and temporal scale.

As a cluster of users that has experience in the delivery/use of Geographic marine data and MyOcean products, FACECOAST members view can be very important and can influence the development of the tool and its functionality by participating to the survey questionnaire. Moreover within participants to the survey questionnaire, users can express their interest in the participation to the training events of the project.


Soil and the coastline protection - "Bologna Charter", the regional commissioner Paola Gazzolo meets the commissioner Paolo Eusebi (Marche Region)

Bologna, 2nd May 2013 - "An important document for the implementation of new practices, to build a common European platform that can be the basis for initiating future collaborations and in particular for a common strategy of interventions on the coast of the Adriatic." These are the words of Paola Gazzolo and Paolo Eusebi, councillors for Soil and Coastline protection respectively of the Emilia-Romagna and the Marche Region, on the "Bologna Charter 2012".

The commissioner Gazzolo met today in Bologna, in the headquarters of the region, the colleague Eusebi, who signed the document. Even the Marche Region has thus adhered to the "Bologna Charter 2012", which counts on the adhesion of 14 regions from different European countries of the Mediterranean area. Signed in Brussels on 21 March at the conference of the project "MAREMED", the document aims to boost European policies for sustainable development and the protection of the Mediterranean coastline.

The "Bologna Charter 2012" was born thanks to the nucleus of coastal administrations that, over the years, have been able to strengthen and extend cooperation relationship through other European projects such as COASTANCE, Medgovernance, Shape, Resmar and MAREMED. Specifically, the "Bologna Charter 2012" lays the groundwork for closer cooperation between the Mediterranean regions in terms of policies related to the integrated management of coastal areas and maritime space, coastal adaptation to climate change and mitigating risks from coastal flooding, erosion and marine ingression.


About the BOLOGNA CHARTER 2012

The Corse Region approved the text of the Bologna Charter 2012 and gave its formal adhesion with the Resolution of the Corse Assembly n. 13/016 AC on the 7th of February 2013. (see the Deliberation 13/016 AC and its Annexes).

The Liguria Region, already signatory Administration of the Bologna Charter 2007, approved the text of the Bologna Charter 2012 and gave its formal adhesion with the Resolution of the Regional Government n. 44/2013 on the 7th of February 2013. (see the Deliberation 44/2013 and its Annexes).

The Departement de l'Herault, already signatory Administration of the Bologna Charter 2007,  approved the text of the Bologna Charter 2012 and gave its formal adhesion with the Resolution of the Conseil General n. AD/180213/G/1 on the 18th of February 2013. (see the Deliberation AD/180213/G/1 and its Annexes).


COMPASS Project joins FACECOAST. Rome, Sep 2012: the Project COMPASS (Comparative Assessment of Coastal Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise at Continental Scale) signed the MoU to join FACECOAST. COMPASS is an EU FP7 project, funded under the IRSES (International Rsearch Staff Exchange Scheme). The prinicipal aim of the project is to perform comparative analysis of future impacts of sea-level rise and assess coastal vulnerability in Europe and S. America.

RITMARE Flagship Project joins FACECOAST. Rome, 16th Jan 2013: the MIUR Flagship Project RITMARE (Italian Research for the Sea) signed the MoU to join FACECOAST. RITMARE is funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research and aims to implement what is suggested in the Blue Paper of the European Commission (COM2007/575 of October 10th 2007) in terms of research and innovation, by means of a national programme of scientific and technological marine research.Currently FACECOAST and RITMARE (Sub-project 3/WP5/Action 1) are discussing possible activities for the transfer  of Best Practices.

BOLOGNA CHARTER 2012 signed! Brussels, 21st March. The “Bologna Charter 2012 ”European Regions Charter for the promotion of a common framework for strategic actions aimed at the protection and sustainable development of the Mediterranean coastal areas", was signed by several Mediterranean Regions during a cerimony held in Brussels for the MAREMED project day. (read more...). Download the Bologna Charter 2012 - ENGLISH - ITALIAN 

FACECOAST at "Port & Territory" in Valencia

Valencia, 18 October 2012: FACECOAST initiative was presented during the Conference “Port & Territory: key to integration - projects PORTA & SEATOLAND” organised by FEPORTS in Valencia. Agenda

FACECOAST at the CoastDay in Split

Split, 25-26 September 2012: FACECOAST initiative was presented during the 2012 Mediterranean Coast Day central regional celebration organised in Split (Croatia) by PAP/RAC, as  part of the EU IPA Adriatic SHAPE project, and in collaboration with UNDP’s “Coast” project. Draft Agenda (25th September) - Draft Agenda (26th September) - Map - Official Website

COASTANCE Final Declaration signed

Rome, 23rd July 2012: the 8 coastal Administrations participating in the European project COASTANCE signed the Final Declaration. East Macedonia-Thrace (lead partner) and Crete from Greece, Regione Lazio and  Emilia Romagna from Italy,  Hérault Province from France, Ministry of Communication and Works from Cyprus and Public Works, Junta de Andalucía from Spain and Neretva County from Croatia stated their will to encourage the integrated coastal zone management, safeguard the coastal territory in order to allow its best sustainable exploitation, overcome the single projects approach  and set up macro-initiatives at Mediterranean scale, able to tackle  the next environmental, social and development defies. Final Declaration

Peer Review on Ports & Accessibility in Marseille on the 28 of June

Rome, June 22, 2012: COASTANCE and MAREMED are focal projects in the analysis carried out by CESPI-IdM about the cluster “Ports and Accessibility”.  More information on the MED web site.


The 4th FACECOAST meeting at COAST EXPO in Ferrara

Ferrara, 20th September, 2012. In order to prepare the project proposal for the call for capitalisation launched by the MED programme, a specific meeting was held in Ferrara, during the COAST EXPO event. More information about the call in MED web site.

Lazio Region hosts the MED Peer Review on coastal areas

Rome, 19-20 June 2012: in the framework of the capitalization initiatives of the MED programme and in collaboration with CESPI-IM, a Peer Review on the cluster for the capitalization of “Governance and Adaptation Policies in Costal Mediterranean Zone” was held in Rome at the headquarter of the Directorate of Environment of Lazio Region). The Peer review was attended by more than ten projects representatives (COASTANCE, MAREMED, PORTA, MEDGOVERNANCE, RESMAR, PERLA, THESEUS, PEGASO, MEDLAB, SHAPE, MICORE) and by the MED JTS too. (read more)

PEGASO project JOINS FACECOAST. Rome, 21 May 2012: the project PEGASO (People for Ecosystem-based Governance in Assessing Sustainable development of Ocean and coast) of the 7th Framework  Programme joined FACECOAST. The main objective of PEGASO is to build on existing capacities and develop common novel approaches to support integrated policies for the coastal, marine and maritime realms of the Mediterranean and Black Sea Basins in ways that are consistent with and relevant to the implementation of the ICZM Protocol for the Mediterranean.


PORTA project joins FACECOAST. Rome 11 May 2012: the project PORTA (PORTs as a gateway for Access inner regions) of the MED Programme, joined FACECOAST. PORTA  is an ongoing project  focused on ports accessibility, leaded by FEPORTS. It  is the “sherpa” project for the cluster for capitalization on Sustainable Ports, Transports and Accessibility. A good opportunity to share experiences on the best and more efficient management of the sediment trapped by the ports and subtracted to the coastal balance.


MEDGOVERNANCE joins Facecoast. Rome, 3rd May 2012: the project Medgovernance (New governance for the Mediterranean Area) of the MED Programme joined FACECOAST "in order to improve the visibility of the achieved results and produce new territorial cooperation projects…”.


MAREMED meeting in Genoa (IT) - The MAREMED  Steering Committee and Public Conference on Coastal Data management  were hold respectively on 23rd and24th April in Genoa (IT). Experts from JRC INSPIRE and DG Mare discussed the potential of regional datasets. Agenda EN.


SHAPE joins FACECOAST. Komotini-Bologna 27 March: the project SHAPE (Shaping an Holistic Approach to Protect the Adriatic Environment between coast and sea) of the Adriatic IPA Program, represents one of the more integrated initiative focused on the Adriatic sea. The link between ICZM and MSP is a specific topic of the project .


FACECOAST mentioned in the final political declaration of COASTANCE, already signed by several representatives of the Mediterranean administrations. Komotini, 28 March 2012: the East Macedonia Thrace Region’s  deputy governor, Mr Pavlos Damianidis, first signed the final declaration of the COASTANCE project in which FACECOAST was mentioned as one of the tools for the capitalization and the valuable development of interregional cooperation experiences since more than ten years. The declaration is also to be signed by the Secretary General from Crete (Mr. Atanasios Karuntios),  the Commissioner for  Territorial Safety, Coastal and Land Defence, Civil Protection from Emilia-Romagna Region (Ms. Paola Gazzolo) and the Commissioner for Environment and Sustainable Development from Lazio Region (Mr. Marco Mattei) The final declaration pointed out the importance of the political endorsement of this process through the Bologna Charter.


FACECOAST proactive cluster in the MED Capitalisation process. Rome, 26th March 2012: CESPI-IM, as contractors in charge of the capitalization process of the MED programme, suggested 4 topics and 8  clusters of projects which should represent the main “heritage” of the programme and the starting point for the new Med programme. Facecoast partners supplied relevant clues for the definition of the cluster “Governance and Adaptation Policies in Costal Mediterranean Zone”. The document.

2nd FACECOAST meeting hosted by the final event of COASTANCE project. Komotini, 27-28 March 2012: another concrete step ahead for the cluster, towards the exchange of experiences among European projects.  Two issues were discussed: Coastal Risk Assessment (COASTANCE and MAREMED) and Coastal Network of Observatories (RESMAR, MAREMED and MARENOSTRUM).


NATIONAL CONFERENCE on Pocket Beaches - ELBA Island (IT) 17th-19th May 2012: RESMAR and PERLA projects, together with other organisations, held a National Conference on Pocket Beaches Dynamic and management in Massa Marciana (Elba Island - IT). During a previous  technical committee (May 16th) an hypothesis of collaboration between MAREMED and RESMAR was presented concerning the network between coastal observatories.   Agenda 17th Conference. Agenda 16th Techical Meeting

MAREMED meeting in Greece (Crete) - The MAREMED Public Conference was  held on 3rd and 4th April in Heraklion, Greece and FACECOAST activities were presented to the partners. Agenda EN, Agenda FR